Cowlitz County Soccer Referee Association (link)

Referee Pay Scale Referee (CR) Assistant Referee (AR)
CYSA Youth Recreational, U-10 15 N/A
CYSA Youth Recreational, U-11 25 12
CYSA Youth Recreational, U-12-14 30 15
CYSA Youth Recreational, U15-17 32 20
*Kalama, Kelso, and Castle Rock Rec games pay an additional $5 per game for games played at club home sites

CYSA Recreational Rules and Regulations

CYSA Rules of Competition

WSYSA Modifications

SWYSA Rules of Competition

Dealing with Bad Weather

e-mail a game report to
(include coaches names, score, misconduct, game time/date, ARs)

For rec referee issues or questions, contact Jacob Allen at

Adult Soccer Referees Needed: Kalama, Castle Rock, Kelso & Longview

Paid positions, Part Time, Flexible hours with advancement potential. Get involved with your community and make a positive impact in the lives of local youth athletes. Sign up today. Every rec team age U11 and above is directed by the Cowlitz Youth Soccer Association (CYSA) to have a certified soccer referee represent their team for this coming season.

Soccer Referee: Entry Level Clinic (ELC)

The New Referee - Grade 8 Referee Clinic:
This clinic prepares an individual for matches on all youth games as a Referee or Assistant Referee. Upon successfully completing this clinic you will receive your referee badge. Your registration will need be renewed annually. This certification will allow you to referee any level youth match.
· This consists of both on-line study material (prior to clinic) and 8 hours of in-class attendance.
· The fee is $65.00 (USSF registration fee $50+$15 Clinic Fee) to be paid on-line during the registration process.
· At the end of the clinic you must pass an exam with a score of 75% or higher.

After you decide you want to take the New Referee Clinic, you will create your Member Registration on the state site and register to become a Referee, New Grade 8. You will start this process by clicking the link at the bottom of this email. Read the registration instructions carefully and check the appropriate options. You will be added to the clinic roster. Once the clinic becomes full, your only option will be to attend a different clinic. Due to room size and fire codes, walk-ins will not be allowed once the cap is reached.

Before signing up:
* I understand that by successfully completing the educational requirements and registering with the USSF, Inc. as a referee, I am entitled to act as a game official at the appropriate level of competition indicated by my approved grade. I understand that my registration does not guarantee my receipt of any specific refereeing assignments and does not apply to non-USSF affiliated games. I further understand that my registration with USSF and/or WASRC does not create an employment contract or an employment relationship with USSF and/or WASRC.
* Remember, the on line modules need be done no later then 9:00pm the night before the clinic (print out and bring with you to the clinic).
* After you become a Washington State Referee, you will report directly to the Cowlitz County Chapter in Longview for on-going education and training.
* CYSA coordinates the referee assigning for rec soccer while the CCSRA coordinates for Select and the PML.

1-Register an account with the State Referee Committee at
2-Under the Instruction Tab on the website, then select "Clinics and Events Schedule", followed by "Entry - Never been a USSF referee before" from the drop down list.
3-Select "Register with WAReferees" next to the Longview, WA location, under Clinic #05-0915-N08-0093. Please note the information provided under the clinic, such as contact information, etc.
4-Pay for your registration through the website and "check out". Now you are registered for the class/instruction.
5-After registration, you will be provided access to watch online training modules (videos). These will need to be all watched and imbedded quizzes answered correctly to proceed. Upon completion of all the online videos, you are prepared for the final phase:
6-Attend the clinic (in person) at the Blonding Building, Saturday, September 5, 9:00am-5:30pm.
CYSA Ref Assigner: Jacob Allen

-The CCSRA Board of Directors

CCSRA Officers

Name Email Phone
President Adam Bryan 360-703-2455
Vice President of Instruction Brian Wood
Treasurer Lou Locke 360-636-3772
CYSA (Select) Ref Assignor Virginia Mahoney 360-431-1383

Club Assignors Name Email Phone
CYSA Ref Assignor Jacob Allen
CYSA Micro Ref Assignor Jacob Allen
CYSA Micro Ref Asst
Trieste Madden
CYSA Micro Ref Asst Vacant
Kelso Ref Assignor Vacant
Castle Rock Ref Assignor Erin Brunelle
Kalama Ref Assignor Vacant
Rainier/Clats Ref Assignor Dena Paul
CYSA VP Referee Development vacant .

CYSA Referee Committee

CYSA Referee Committee meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month
upstairs in the Blondin Building (7th Ave Clubhouse).

Business meeting starts at 6:30pm and Continuing Education starts at 7pm for one hour.

All Cowlitz County area referees are encouraged to attend.