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Timber Barons are accepting applications from interested coaches.
Please fill out the application and send to thadscudder@gmail by April 15.
Tryouts will be held the week of May 7, from 5-7 Monday through Friday.
Dates for each age will be assigned and posted soon.








GU10 Miguel Hernandez: 2017 - 2018 TB Roster CONGRATULATIONS TO: A. Salas, A. Solana, S. Brunelle, V. Hernandez, L. Geiszler, B. Verhei, K. Fitzsimmons, B. Garwood, B. Harman, E. Thompson, J. Robarge

GU11 Randy and Julie Toney: 2017 - 2018 TB Roster CONGRATULATIONS TO: M. Fitzpatrick, K. L. Lovingfoss, E. MacArthur, M. Fugelberg, P. Burleson, C. Bingham, G. Toney, M. Roseman, S. Wallace, M. Swanson, K. Hastings, L. Khlee, C. Booth, Doehne, M. Boucher, Y. Salas

GU12 Max and Karen Anderson: 2017 - 2018 TB Roster CONGRATULATIONS TO: Grace E., Brooklyn A., Kealohalani M., Alice A., Hannah R., Sadie S., Issie A., Olivia D., Raelie G., Jessalyn K., Elle H., Reese F., Suneva F., Karsyn R., Kathryn C., Lily R., Violet K., Addison H., Rosie J., Madison F., Kendall H-S., Sydnie W., Kendra C., Payton L.

DOB 2005, GU13 Still accepting applications.*

GU14 John Anderson: 2017 - 2018 TB Roster CONGRATULATIONS TO: S. Ross, A. Broderius, B. Schlect, C. Yordy, E. Hedlund, E. Anderson, K. Anderson, K. Blondin, A. Tenison, R. Sereday, H. Little, E. Fisher,
L. Diem, M. Scudder, R. Wilkinson, E. Kaiser

GU15 Kevin Blondin and Matt Waddell: 2017 - 2018 TB Roster CONGRATULATIONS TO: A. Busby-Frey, M. Waddell, P. Blondin, E. Tack, R. Allen, I. Whiteside, B. Phillips, A. Scudder, A. Schierscher, B. Wirkala, M. Graftin, C. Isaacson, S. Watkins, S. Aloe, H. Bern, T. Wilkinson


BU10 Angel Orozco: 2017 - 2018 TB Roster CONGRATULATIONS TO: J. Waddell, Z. Croney, A. Orozco, A. Renteria, J. Renteria, J. Vazquez, K. Burr, Z. Hall, J. Bolden, A. Morales Aguilar, A. Julian Aceves, S. Soto, G. Guzman, A. Orozco-Villasenor

BU11 Daniel Merchant: 2017 - 2018 TB Roster CONGRATULATIONS TO: L. Burgoyne, G. Harvill, J. Rowland, N. Ramos, D. Henriques, T. Roberts, E. Perkins, J. Merchant, R. Valdivia, D. Fedoruk, A. Garcia, U. Araiza

DOB 2006, BU12 Seth Cockrill .................................... Monday May 15 and Wednesday May 17

BU13 David Pittsley: 2017 - 2018 TB Roster CONGRATULATIONS TO: H. Yore, E. Pittsley, J. VanGorp, J. Isaacson, N. Pittsley, D. Dominguez, A. Maldonado, Z. McNeil, W. Little, A. Bauman, T. Evans, D. Clark, M. Miner, M. Perez, C. Rodman, J. Perkins.

DOB 2004, BU14 Mauro Cruz ...................................... Wednesday May 10 and Thursday May 11

BU15 Amando Balbuena 2017 - 2018 TB Roster CONGRATULATIONS TO: I. Evans, J. Habedank, E. Bauman, E. Gonzalez, J. Orozco, O. Rodriguez, Jr., D. Cruz, CJ Meade, C. Belmontes, P. Lopez, G. Balbuena, R. Hernandez, J. Reyes - Zepeda, S. Valencia, B. Gonzalez, G. Contreras, D. Nieto, E. Cruz

The commitment to the Timber Barons is one year and it is significant. Teams start training once the spring recreational season is complete. Teams play in summer tournaments in the Northwest, then play in the Timbers Thorns Fall league based in Portland. U10 teams play all of their games at Delta Park in Portland. A registration fee of $225 will cover the Fall league and one additional season that could be either indoor soccer or the Timber Thorns Spring league. Uniforms, tournaments, and travel are additional expenses and vary from team to team. We purchase new uniforms every three years and are in the second year of our current uniforms. Teams play on average three summer tournaments which usually run from Friday to Sunday.