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Welcome to Cowlitz Youth Soccer! Thank you for volunteering for our community's children! We are looking forward to a great season!

***Coaches need to establish registration in both Stack Sports and Affinity and have completed a Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Certificate, a Concussion in Sports Certificate and SafeSports Certificate***

Coaches need to complete these 4 items, in any order, prior to being rostered to a team:

1) Coaches are required to be certified in both Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness and Concussion in Sports information (annual procedure)

Click here for more information (link to the document, which has the background and additional links to complete certification)

Direct Link to Sudden Cardiac Awareness Training Video (click "Order Course" and login to begin)

Direct Link to Concussion in Sports Training Video (click "Order Course" and login to begin)

Upload your certificates on your Washington Youth Soccer Volunteer account:


Send completed certificates to:

Longview Soccer Club: All LSC Coaches need to keep a file with all printed or electronic certificates for the current coaching year. LSC is no longer collecting and/or keeping hard copies of your certificates on file. Any questions about coach registration please contact Lisa King, Coach Registrar at lisaking12@hotmail.com or call/text at 1-360-270-5060

Kelso Soccer Club: Send a text with image of the certificate to Carrie Doehne 360-232-8671 or email to David Edmison davidedmison@rocketmail.com

Kalama Soccer Club: Send a text with an image of the certificate to Nicola Studinarz 360-566-5116 or e-mail to

Castle Rock Soccer Club: Send an image of the certificate to Mindy Kleine to joandbk@wmconnect.com

2) You will need to also register in Stack Sports to be rostered onto a team.

Stack Sports registration (link) (seasonal procedure)

3) All coaches will need to register in Affinity to get your National Background Check RMA clearance.

Follow this link to obtain your RMA (annual procedure)

Coach RMA step by step

4) SafeSports: Mandatory Certification

SafeSport certification will be good for a period of two years then will have to be renewed. (Subject to Change)

The series of short videos and questionnaire include training on Sexual Misconduct Awareness, Mandatory Reporting and Emotional and Physical Misconduct can be found here at the SafeSport website.


Enter the Access Code: YC3E-6P5G-YYIL-CS2M

Individuals will then be asked to create an account.

The participating organization is US Soccer.

5) Lastly please upload all your certificates on your Washington Youth Soccer Volunteer account:


Our goal is keeping kids safe. The task is never done. Stay diligent and many thanks!

Please if you have further questions contact Terry Fisher terry@washingtonyouthsoccer.org or Keli Bitow kelib@washingtonyouthsoccer.org

Coaches are responsible to print up Medical Waivers and keep with you during all practices and games. To access your team page you will go to Stack Sports



  • If you are having fun, the players are surely going to have smiles on their faces!


  • Write down your practice plan before practice starts! (Eliminates down time & practice chaos).
  • Organize practice as follows: Warm up, Individual Skill Work, Mini Games and end with a scrimmage!
  • Setup for the next drill/mini game during the water breaks!
  • Organize team parents and assistant coach(es) to help with administrative tasks, practices & discipline problems!


  • For youth players "ages 6 - 12", keep the practices and tactics simple and in easy to understand terms!
  • The team name creates unity, competition and brings out the best in your players!
  • Use a handful of drills that you & your players enjoy ... no need to spend 15 -20 minutes explaining new drills at each practice!


  • Once you decide on the team to-do list, jot them down and reinforce them throughout the season ... during practice, before games & at half time!

Some examples ...

  • When the ball comes to a player, his/her options are passing, dribbling or shooting ... no kicking!

Communicate (talk to each other) Etc.


  • Before the season begins, communicate to the players & parents ... Acceptable and unacceptable behavior!
  • What to expect from you! (the coach)
  • Your expectations of the players!
  • Your expectations of the parents!
  • Consequences of actions!
  • This way everyone follows the commandments or face the consequences!!


  • Always start with a positive comment and finish up with the constructive critique!

Use specific examples ...

  • Johnny, remember when you kicked the ball 30 yards up the field, that was a powerful kick but were you passing the ball to anyone or was that a shot?
  • Remember, our to-do list says "we don't kick to kick ... we kick to pass or kick to shoot"!


  • Do ... Display good sportsmanship! (You're the role model for your players).
  • Do ... Reinforce the team to-do list before the game and during half time!
  • Do ... As the game is played, point out situations (to the subs) where players are (and are not) working on the team to-do list! (The game provides great visual pictures and the subs are a captive audience).
  • Do ... Use specific game scenarios (and names) when coaching and making changes at half time! (Be positive).
  • Don't ... Yell and scream from the sidelines (at players or the Ref).
  • Don't ... Try to coach every decision the players are making on the field!
  • Do ... Let the kids play and have fun!

WSYSA Coaches Information


Prior to your game, please make sure to reline your field of play. If you are playing on a full-size field please place the corner flags prior to the game, and replace them if you are the last game on that field.


Players Cards: All age brackets playing the Vancouver League are required to have player cards for the FALL SEASON ONLY (signature, photo, laminated). In addition, a roster, signed by the registrar, with player numbers printed on it, is required to be presented to the referee prior to the start of each match.

Coach Liaison Committee Meetings

Coaches Liaison Committee Meeting are held every third Monday after the CYSA Board Meeting

2020 Minutes

January 2020